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You must be wondering how we differentiate our bags company from other bag retailers in the industy?

Clutch&Tote began with a simple idea… every woman should be able to choose from the perfect variety of bags. Actually from the best bags available worldwide. And when we say bags we mean all kinds of bags: Purses, Hand Bags, Tote Bags and Totes, Crossbody Bags, Leather Bags, Bags for Parties or Weddings, Bags for work, Clutch Bags and Clutches all available in a great variety of colors and patrons.


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Trendsetters in fashion bags industry!

Be a trendsetter with our unique bags. We ve got style. Just add a purse, bag or tote to your outfit and make everyone talk about your exceptional style!


Why Clutch & Tote Bags? | Purses - Bags - Clutches

Did you know there is a bag dictionary?

  • bag: a handbag or a suitcase or similar container in which you carry clothes and other things you need when you are travelling
  • baggage: mainly american the suitcases, bags etc in which you carry your possessions when you travel. The usual British word is luggage.
  • carryall: american a holdall
  • clutch bag: a small bag with no handles or strap that a woman uses for carrying money and personal things, especially at formal social events
  • dilly bag: australian a type of bag for carrying things in
  • grip: old-fashioned a small bag that you use when travelling
  • luggage: bags and suitcases that you take on a journey
  • pouch:  a small bag made of cloth or thin leather
  • shoulder bag:  a bag with a long strap for carrying it on your shoulder
  • tote bag:  a large open bag with handles
  • vanity case: a small bag for carrying make-up

Clutch & Tote Bags

At Clutch&Tote Bags eshop you will be able to choose the bag that fits your style and personality. We offer a wide variety of bags for women…all women from girls to ladies with good taste in fashion that want their bags not only for carrying around their makeup and smartphone but bags and purses that complement their style, clothes and personalities.

What does the perfect shoulder bag or clutch bag bring to women?

We feel that a bag is not just like any other woman accessory…
A cute bag is the item that completes the perfect look.
Even if this is just a daily outfit or very formal one we offer bags for weddings, bags for business meetings or purses and clutches for parties.

Why do we provide the best looking purses and the cutest bags in the market?

By cooperating with many unique bag manufacturers all over the world, we have managed to offer you only the best bags for women that respect theirselves and their look and style. You can find clutch bags and clutches, large tote bags to fit everything inside and small pouches (clutch bags) with dazzling and sparkling look.

What type of bag is your favorite?

Choose the tote bag or the clutch bag that fits your needs: You want a crocodile bag to stun everyone at the party you are attending or just a large black tote bag that can hold all your daily items you need to carry to your work? You are at the right place to buy the best women bags online!