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Bucket Bag 2023 | Leather Stylish Handbag Purse with Drawstings


The Bucket Bag | Leather Bucket Handbag Purse 2023

The Bucket purse is the cutest leather purse for your everyday walks! The leather bucket-shaped purse with the drawstring closure will provide you the absolute fashionista outlook for going out for shopping in the day or your summer night walks. You will be able to hold all your essentials in its interior compartment that you button up to the outer one. The removable leather shoulder strap allows you to carry it also as a cross-body for a versatile look. The matte yet shiny leather-look finish will give provide you a cool-looking outfit. Like a breeze! The interior of the drawstring bucket bag contains a zipper pocket to secure your more precious belongings. The Bucket Bag is designed with one goal in our mind. To provide great comfort, functionality and everyday versatility in order to carry your belongings with style.


Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Women’s Bucket Purses – Leather Bucket Bag – Handbag or Crossbody (optional)
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Bucket Bag shape
  • Materials: PU Leather
  • Handles/Straps: Detachable Leather Strap (PU)
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Compartment – Zipper Pocket
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 17 cm X 12 cm X 17 cm // 6.67 in X 4.71 in X 6.67 in (Please allow 1-2cm deviation in sizes)
  • NET Weight: ~ 415g.






The Bucket Bag – White



The Bucket Bag – Khaki



The Bucket Bag – Black



The Bucket Bag – Yellow


Available Colors: Black | White | Yellow | Khaki


Package Includes:

1x PU Leather Bucket Handbag / Drawstring Purse
1x Detachable Strap

  • Free Shipping

* Purses and bags that are just out of production, might produce a slight odor for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.



real-leather-luxury-handbag-designer-tote-bag-shoulder-bag-for-women-leather-bags-cheap-discount- (3)real-leather-luxury-handbag-designer-tote-bag-shoulder-bag-for-women-leather-bags-cheap-discount- (5) Out Of Stock

The Box | Leather Handbag | Women’s Leather Purse | Shoulder Bag/Crossbody Bags | Real Leather


Product Description:

The Box | Leather Hand Bag – Shoulder Bag | Real Leather Bags | Leather Purse | Crossbody Bags

The Box tote leather bag is smooth, durable and absolutely charming. With The Box leather purse You ll be able to carry your basic everyday essentials like your smartphone, your makeup, your wallet and your keys easily with this exceptional leather crossbody or hand bag

Product specifications:


  • Bag/Purse Type: Tote Bags – Crossbody Bag & Shoulder Bag
  • Bag Shape: Totes
  • Materials: High Quality Leather (Cow Leather)
  • Handles/Straps: Handle + Strap
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Bag Compartment
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 26cm X 18cm X 14cm // 10.2in X 7.08in X 5.5in
  • NET Weight: ~ 700g

Available Colors: Black | Blue | Gray | Red

Package Includes:

1x Real Leather Tote Bag with Top-Handle and Strap.

  • Free Shipping

* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or postal offices high traffic.

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The Ethereal | Color Block Leather Handbag for Women | Multicolor Purse

$67.70 $44.70

The Ethereal Leather Handbag | Color Block Leather Bag for Women and Girls.

The Ethereal is an exceptional, modern, patterned and finely detailed all in one leather purse. A stunning leather color block purse for your parties, weddings and business meetings.

  • This leather bag is the perfect choice for a modern classic look for girls and ladies.
  • Having interior pockets and compartments the tote bag will help you organize your daily accessories (smartphone, tablet, your charger, wallet etc.)
  • Comes in multiple color variations to fit your style and taste.
  • Durable and lightweight yet classy and chic.
  • You can wear it two ways, holding it by the top dual handles or just pop the leather bag on your shoulders for an easy hands free approach while on the move.

Black Leather Handbag


Pink Leather Handbag


Pink White Red purse for Women

Red Leather Handbag


Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Leather Handbag // Crossbody Bag // Leather Shoulder Bags
  • Materials: High Quality PU
  • Handles/Straps: Dual Soft Top Handles + Detachable Leather Strap
  • Inside Compartments:  2x Interior Slot Pockets,  2x Interior Zipper Pockets.
  • Size / Dimensions: approx. ~ (22+13) cm x 30 cm x 14 cm // / (8.6 + 5.1) in x 11.8 in x 5.5 in

Available Colors: Black – Pink – Red

Package Includes:

1x  Leather Handbag + Detachable Leather Strap

  • Free Shipping

* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or postal offices high traffic.




The Nifty 2024 | Large Leather Tote Bag | Women’s Hobo Crossbody Purse | Leather Shoulder Bag


The Nifty | Large Leather Tote Bag | Women’s Hobo Crossbody Purse | Leather Shoulder Bag

The Nifty tote bag is both beautiful and prestigious with its leather design. The leather hobo purse has an interior zipper pocket and a phone cell pocket inside that will make you able to carry your everyday essentials like your smartphone, tablet and your keys easily. The Nifty is a large crossbody bag which is ideal for everyday use for all women and girls in 2024. Wear it on your shoulder or hold it in your hand with its two leather straps. The available colors of our beautiful leather shoulder bag are: Black, Brown and Red.

Large Leather Purse. Colors available: Brown, Black, Red. 

Product specifications:


  • Bag/Purse Type: Totes & Shoulder/Crossbody Purses
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Parallelogram Hobo Bag
  • Materials: High Quality PU Leather
  • Handles/Straps: Leather Strap + Leather Handle
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Zipper Compartment + Smartphone Pocket
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 35cm X 13cm X 30cm // 13.77in X 5.11in X 11.8in (Please allow 1-2cm deviation in sizes)
  • NET Weight: ~ 750g



Brown Leather Purse 2024 – Large Leather Brown Tote Bag







Available Colors: Black | Red | Brown

Package Includes:

1x Large Leather Tote Purse

  • Free Shipping

* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays or other reasons.
* Purses and bags that are just out of production, might produce a slight smell for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.