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The Sequins XXL | Large Backpack Leather Sequin Laptop Big Backpack with Shiny and Dazzling Sequins | Laptop Large Backpack

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Product Decription:

The Sequins XXL Backpack

The Sequins XXL Backpack s stylish, roomy, shiny, spacey, refined and practical all in one – excellent choice for work and travel. You can carry everything with you from laptops to books to A4s. carry your charger in your bag along with your mouse and even a bottle of water. Excellent for carrying many items in your bag. Very large size.

The Sequin XXL Backpack is the absolute choice for shiny looks for girls and ladies. The Sequins Backpack will also keep you organised through your day having all the essentials available, with pockets and compartments.

You can wear it two ways, by the top handle or just pop it on your shoulders for an easy hands free approach while on the move.

 Large-Backpack-Sequins-Backpacks-for-Women-Backpack-Big-Crown-Sequin-Back-pack-womens-girls-bag-for-school-back-for-work-reviews (1) Large-Backpack-Sequins-Backpacks-for-Women-Backpack-Big-Crown-Sequin-Back-pack-womens-girls-bag-for-school-back-for-work-reviews (2) Large-Backpack-Sequins-Backpacks-for-Women-Backpack-Big-Crown-Sequin-Back-pack-womens-girls-bag-for-school-back-for-work-reviews (3)

Product specifications:


  • Bag/Purse Type: Backpack & Shoulder Bag
  • Bag Shape: Parallelogram Vertical
  • Materials: High Quality PU Leather and High Quality Sequins
  • Handles/Straps: Soft Top Handle
  • Inside Compartments:  Interior Bag Compartment ,Bag Interior Slot Pocket, Bag Smartphone Phone Pocket – The Backpack can hold Laptops
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 430mm X 300mm // 16.9″ X 11.8″
  • NET Weight: ~ 450g

Available Colors: Black

Package Includes:

1x Backpack with Sequins sewed.

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Large-Backpack-Sequins-Backpacks-for-Women-Backpack-Big-Crown-Sequin-Back-pack-womens-girls-bag-for-school-back-for-work-reviews (4)