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clutch-purse-for-women-clutch-bag-multicolor-wedding-clutch-prom-bag-handbags-clutchtotebagscom- (6)clutch-purse-for-women-clutch-bag-multicolor-wedding-clutch-prom-bag-handbags-clutchtotebagscom- (5)

The Discreet Clutch Purse | Womens Clutch Bag with Chain | Clutch for Wedding/Prom


The Discreet | Clutch Purse | Clutch for Wedding, Prom, Parties | Womens Clutch Bag with Chain |

The Discreet clutch purse is sleek, durable and will become your favorite clutch. The best clutch for proms, weddings and clubbing! Especially the the gold clutch will grab everyone’s attention.You ‘ll be able to carry your basic everyday essentials with this shiny clutch bag like your smartphone, your makeup, your wallet and your keys easily with the Discreet sequined clutch purse for women and girls. Ideal bag for formal occasions like a party, your prom or a friend’s wedding. The prom clutch is available in multiple colors like Gold, Black, Blue, Brown and others.

Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Clutches & Shoulder Bags and Purses – Wedding Prom Clutches (Gold, Blue, Black, Brown)
  • Bag Shape: Parallelogram – Minaudiere Clutch.
  • Materials: High Quality Polyester and metal.
  • Handles/Straps: Metallic Chain (removable).
  • Inside Compartments: 2 Interior Bag Compartment + Zipper Compartment.
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 25cm X 12cm X 5cm // 9.8in X 4.7in X 1.98in.
  • NET Weight: ~ 200g.

BLACK-clutch-purse-for-women-girls-wedding-clutches blue-clutch purse-for-women-girls-wedding-clutches

The most beautiful clutch for proms, weddings, parties and events.

brown-clutch purse-for-women-girls-wedding-clutches

Available Colors: Black – Blue – Gray – Red – Silver – Gold – Champagne – Brown

Package Includes:

1x Clutch Purse with Chain.

  • Free Shipping

* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays or other reasons.




The Metallic Clutch Purse | Ideal Wedding Purse Gold Clutches


The Metallic Clutch Bag | Gold Clutches Purses | Wedding Purse Gold – Silver – Champagne – Black

The Metallic Clutch Bag for women is a an impressive piece of art. The Metallic is a mini, yet spacious, clutch purse with an interior satin compartment where you can hold your smartphone, your lipstick, your keys and all your essentials. It features a detachable chain strap to wear it crossbody style or you can just hold it in your hand. Your daily stuff will be kept safe with the hasp closure the clutch purse features. The Metallic clutch handbag is ideal for weddings especially in Gold or Silver color that will elevate your fashionista look. Unleash your inner trendsetter with the Metallic Clutch Bag – a dazzling accessory that steals the spotlight at weddings. Available in opulent gold, silver, black and champagne color it’s your key to elevated fashion perfection.

Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Women’s Metallic Clutch Bags & Geometric Bags
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Metallic Lattice Diamond
  • Materials: High Quality Metal Coating + Satin Lining
  • Handles/Straps: Detachable Chain Strap (~120 cm / 47 inch)
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Compartment
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 17cm X 3.5cm X 10cm // 6.7in X 1.38in X 3.94in (Please allow 1-2cm deviation in sizes)
  • NET Weight: ~ 600g




Silver clutch purse for wedding – Silver metallic evening bag





Black metallic purse for weddings, evening events or for a prom. 



Available Colors: Gold Metallic Clutch Bag | Silver Metallic Clutch Bag | Champagne Metallic Clutch Bag | Black Metallic Clutch Bag

Package Includes: 

1x Metallic Clutch Purse
1x Detachable Chain Strap

  • Free Shipping 

* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays and other reasons.
* Purses and bags that are just out of production, might produce a slight smell for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.


Metallic Clutch Purse




The-Pyramid-wristlet-bag-clutch-pyramid-purse-rhinestones-handbag- (1)The-Pyramid-Purse-Silver-wristlet-bag-pyramid-handbag-(1)

The Pyramid Purse | Wristlet Clutch Leather Pyramid Bag

$57.70 $42.70

The Pyramid Bag | Pyramid Wristlet Clutch Purse | Crystal Pyramid Handbag

The crystal Pyramid Clutch Purse is more than just a bag, it’s a statement piece. Lavishly studded with rhinestones, this wristlet purse adds a touch of dazzling glamour, turning heads wherever you go. This isn’t just another pyramid handbag it’s the final touch to your designer bag collection.

Moreover, the Pyramid Purse is not just chic, it’s irresistibly chic and crystal. With its irresistible charm and unbeatable craftsmanship, it’s the difference-maker you’ve been searching for.

Experience luxury like never before with a bag that gleams, shines and polishes your look to perfection. Choose from three captivating colors: black, silver, or gold, allowing you to seamlessly pair it with any outfit for an everyday or special night out.

The-Pyramid-wristlet-bag-clutch-pyramid-purse-rhinestones-handbag- (1)








Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Clutch Purse – Wristlet Bag
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Pyramid Bag
  • Materials: PU Leather + Rhinestone
  • Handles/Straps: Top Strap
  • Inside Compartments: 1
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 14 cm X 16+20 cm X 10 cm // 5.5 in X 6.3+7.9 in X 3.9 in (Sometimes 1-2cm/1inch deviation in sizes may occur)
  • NET Weight: ~ 420g

Available Colors: Gold |Silver | Black



Package Includes:

1x Pyramid Purse.

  • Free Shipping

* 2-4 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays and other reasons.
* Sometimes, purses and bags that are being shipped when they have just come out of production might produce a slight odor for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.



The Symmetrical | Quilted Leather Bag with Chain | Black Quilted Purse Shoulder

$67.70 $47.70

The Symmetrical | Leather Crossbody Purse | Quilted Leather Bag – Ladies Shoulder Bag

The Symmetrical leather crossbody bag is smooth, durable and an absolute charm. You will be able to carry your basic everyday essentials like your tablet, your smartphone, your makeup, your wallet and your keys easily with this extraordinary quilted leather shoulder bag for ladies. Therefore, this is an all time classic black leather shoulder bag.


Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Crossbody Bag & Shoulder Bags – Quilted Bags
  • Bag Shape: Chanel Like Purse – Box
  • Materials: High Quality Leather (PU)
  • Handles/Straps: Metallic Straps for Shoulder
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Bag Compartment + Zipper Compartment
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 23cm X 8cm X 16cm // 9in X 3.14in X 6.3in
  • NET Weight: ~ 400g


Quilted-Leather-Bag-with Chain-Strap-Zipper-Compartments-beautiful-leather-quilted-purse-with-chain-for-women-(2)

Black Leather Quilted Shoulder Bag

Quilted-Leather-Bag-with Chain-Strap-Zipper-Compartments-beautiful-leather-quilted-purse-with-chain-for-women-(3) the-symmetrical-quilted-leather-crossbody-bag-Womens-shoulder-Bag-luxurious-designer-shoulder-bag-for-ladies-(1)



Available Colors: Black

Package Includes:

1x Leather Shoulder Bag with Metallic Straps.

  • Free Shipping