The Metallic Clutch Purse | Ideal Wedding Purse Gold Clutches



The Metallic Clutch Bag | Gold Clutches Purses | Wedding Purse Gold – Silver – Champagne – Black

The Metallic Clutch Bag for women is a an impressive piece of art. The Metallic is a mini, yet spacious, clutch purse with an interior satin compartment where you can hold your smartphone, your lipstick, your keys and all your essentials. It features a detachable chain strap to wear it crossbody style or you can just hold it in your hand. Your daily stuff will be kept safe with the hasp closure the clutch purse features.

Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Women’s Metallic Clutch Bags & Geometric Bags
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Metallic Lattice Diamond
  • Materials: High Quality Metal Coating + Satin Lining
  • Handles/Straps: Detachable Chain Strap (~120 cm / 47 inch)
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Compartment
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 17cm X 3.5cm X 10cm // 6.7in X 1.38in X 3.94in (Please allow 1-2cm deviation in sizes)
  • NET Weight: ~ 600g

gold-metallic-clutch-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings-prom-evening-gold-metallic-purse silver-clutch-metallic-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings-prom-evening-silver-metallic- champagne-metallic-clutch-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings-prom-evening-champagne-metallic-purse black-metallic-clutch-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-wedding-proms-evening-black-metallic-clutchbag

Available Colors: Gold Metallic Clutch Bag | Silver Metallic Clutch Bag | Champagne Metallic Clutch Bag | Black Metallic Clutch Bag

Package Includes:

1x Metallic Clutch Purse
1x Detachable Chain Strap

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* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays and other reasons.
* Purses and bags that are just out of production, might produce a slight smell for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.


Metallic Clutch Purse





The Metallic Clutch Purse | Gold Wedding Purse for Women | Gold Clutch | Silver – Champagne – Black

The Metallic Clutch purse with its beautiful metallic and shiny geometric design is one of the most iconic gold clutches! A metallic glowing clutch handbag in Gold, Silver, Champagne or Black color with a luxury architectural silhouette that provides the clutch purse with a unique fashion character. Gold clutch, black clutch or silver clutch purse.

  •  The Metallic Clutch handbag is the latest trend in clutch bags with a 3D Lattice design.
  •  Metallic geometric 3D design.
  • The Metallic clutch purse is so unique that should not be absent from your bags collection.
  • Looks small but is spacious enough to tuck in your essentials.
  • The best gold clutch you will find!
  • An ideal clutch purse choice for a wedding or a party.

Gold clutch


Clutch Purse Gold. Metallic Gold Clutch purse with chain. Shiny clutch!

metallic-clutch-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-wedding-proms-evening-metallic-clutch-bag-11 metallic-clutch-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-wedding-proms-evening-metallic-clutch-bag-12


The ideal clutch bag for unique style and looks. Shine like a star with the gold color clutch and its sleek 3D design!


Gold Clutch Bag. The most beautiful gold metallic purse.


Gold bags are very unique and will make you differ from the rest. Choose the gold metallic clutch for an excellent and shiny outfit.

clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(8)-2 clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(10)-2 clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(10)-2-2b clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(2)-2 clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(3)-2 clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(4)-2- clutch-metallic-purse-bag-3d-metal-clutches-long-chain-womens-bags-for-weddings--(6).-2-2jpg

  • Bag/Purse Type: Metallic Clutch Bags / Geometric Handbags

  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Metallic Diamond Lattice

  • Materials: Shiny Metal Coating / Satin Lining

  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 17cm X 3.5cm X 10cm // 6.7in X 1.38in X 3.94in
    (1-2cm deviation in sizes may occur)

  • NET Weight: ~ 600g


* The colors in the pictures may be slightly different than the true colors of the products due to photography set’s lights or wrong color calibrated monitors.

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