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Product Description:

The Bucket Bag | Drawstrings Purse | 2019 Summer/Beach Leather Handbag

The Bucket purse is the cutest leather purse for summer! The leather bucket-shaped purse with the drawstring closure will provide you the absolute fashionista outlook for the beach or your summer night walks. You will be able to place all your essentials in its interior compartment that you button up to the outer one. The removable leather shoulder strap allows you to carry it also as a crossbody for a versitle look. The matte yet shiny leather-look finish will give provide you a cool summer looking outfit. Like a breeze! The interior of the drwastring bucket bag contains a zipper pocket to secure your more precious belongings.


Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Women’s Bucket Purses // Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag // Handbag/Crossbody (optional)
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Bucket Bag shape
  • Materials: PU Leather
  • Handles/Straps: Detachable Leather Strap (PU)
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Compartment – Zipper Pocket
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 17 cm X 12 cm X 17 cm // 6.67 in X 4.71 in X 6.67 in (Please allow 1-2cm deviation in sizes)
  • NET Weight: ~ 415g

bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-white bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-khaki bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-black bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-yellow

Available Colors: Black | Brown | Burgundy | Green


Package Includes:

1x PU Leather Bucket Handbag / Drawstring Purse
1x Detachable Strap

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* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays and other reasons.
* Purses and bags that are just out of production, might produce a slight odor for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.




The Bucket Bag | Drawstrings Purse | 2019 Summer Beach Leather Handbag

The Bucket bag is the most beautiful summer purse for 2019. Crafted with high quality materials and unique design. One-of-a-kind drawstring bucket purse that you can wear durng the day and night.

  • The Bucket Bag consists of two parts. The outer Bucket Bag and the inner part. These parts can be used either individually or you can attach the inner one with buttons.
  • PU Leather is used as the main material in the production of the bucket bag which is known for providing high-quality finishing in fashion accessories. In addition, it provides soft and buttery texture.
  • The shiny, mat surface makes your bucket bag dustproof and very easy to clean.
  • The inner compartment of the drawstring purse is made up of wool. It is washable and it will withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Additionally, the drawstrings bucket bag features a removable pu leather strap 120cm in order to offer 2 ways to wear it. On the shoulders or crossbody style.
  • Beautifully crafted and stiched. The ideal choice for your walks while needing a stylish pouch to carry your essential daily stuff.


bucket-drawstring-bag-beach-purse-leather-crossbody-handbag-with-strap drawstring-bucket-purse-summer-stylish-cute-leather-bag-with-leather-straps-top-handle-





bucket-drawstring-bag-beach-purse-leather-crossbody-handbag-with-strap- bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-khaki bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-yellow bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-white bucket-bag-drawstring-purse-leather-summer-crossbody-handbag-black

  • Bag/Purse Type: Bucket Purse + Drawstring Bag + (Optional) Shoulder/Crossbody

  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Bucket Bag Shape

  • Materials: PU Leather

  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 17 cm X 12 cm X 17 cm // 6.67 in X 4.71 in X 6.67 in ( ~ 1-2cm/1in. deviation in sizes may occur.)

  • NET Weight: ~ 415g


* The colors in the pictures may be slightly different than the true colors of the products due to photography set’s lights or wrong color calibrated monitors.

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