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The-Ladies-Handbag -Leather-Purse-with-Abstract-Design-Cartoon-Crossbody-purse-Handbag-for-girls- (8)The-Ladies-Handbag -Leather-Purse-with-Abstract-Design-Cartoon-Crossbody-purse-Handbag-for-girls- (4)Out Of Stock

The Ladies Handbag | Leather Purse with Abstract Design | Crossbody/Hand


Product Description:

The Ladies Handbag | Leather Purse with Abstract Design | Crossbody/Hand

The Ladies handbag for women is a an impressive piece of fashion accessory. The cartoon design purse maintains an elegant and unique style. You will be able to carry your everyday stuff with its interior compartment and smartphone zipper compartment. It features a leather strap so you can rock it crossbody style or you can just grab it in your hands by its top handle. The sophisticated leather-look finish gives an extra edge to your outfit.

The-Ladies-Handbag -Leather-Purse-with-Abstract-Design-Cartoon-Crossbody-purse-Handbag-for-girls- (3)

The-Ladies-Handbag-Leather-Purse-Cartoon-Crossbody-purse-Handbag-for-girls (1) The-Ladies-Handbag-Leather-Purse-Cartoon-Crossbody-purse-Handbag-for-girls (2)


Product specifications:


  • Bag/Purse Type: Women’s Cartoon Handbags & Leather Handbag/Crossbody (optional)
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Parallelogram shaped
  • Materials: PU Leather + Polyester Lining
  • Handles/Straps: Detachable Leather Strap (PU)
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Compartment – Smartphone Compartment
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 23cm X 10.5cm X 20cm // 9.05in X 4.1in X 7.87in (Please allow 1-2cm deviation in sizes)
  • NET Weight: ~ 450g

Available Colors: Green | Purple | Red

Package Includes:

1x PU Leather Handbag with Cartoon Design
1x Detachable Strap

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* 3-5 weeks delivery may occur due to high product demand or increased traffic in postal offices due to holidays and other reasons.
* Purses and bags that are just out of production, might produce a slight odor for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.



The Pineapple Bag | Beautiful Pineapple Purse Leather Chain Strap

$67.70 $42.70

The Pineapple Bag | Beautiful Pineapple Purse for Women with Leather Chain & Rivets

The Pineapple Bag is stylish, small, shiny, refined and practical all in one – excellent bag choice for walks or just going out for a coffee or a drink. You can carry your basic everyday essentials like your smartphone, your makeup, your wallet and your keys easily with this small fashionable crossbody mini pineapple bag. You can wear it on the shoulder, crossbody or just carry the bag on your hand hanged by your forearm.


Pineapple-bag-with-chain-and-leather-strap-rivets-diamonds-pineapple-purse-crossbody-handbag-for-girls-women- (GREEN)

Pineapple-bag-with-chain-and-leather-strap-rivets-diamonds-pineapple-purse-crossbody-handbag-for-girls-women- (PINK)

Pineapple-bag-with-chain-and-leather-strap-rivets-diamonds-pineapple-purse-crossbody-handbag-for-girls-women- (WHITE)






Product specifications:

  • Bag/Purse Type: Crossbody Bag & Shoulder Bag
  • Bag Shape: Pineapple Bag for Girls
  • Materials: High Quality PU and Rivets like Diamonds
  • Handles/Straps: Chain Strap – Leather Strap
  • Inside Compartments: Interior Bag Compartment
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ Width 140mm X Depth 140mm X  Height 190mm
  • NET Weight: ~ 500g

Available Colors: White, Yellow

Package Includes:

1x Pineapple Shape Bag with Chain and Leather Strap.

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The Queen | Crocodile Leather Handbag Tote | Croco Leather Purse with Straps

$77.70 $54.70

The Queen | Crocodile Leather Purse for a Luxurious Look | Black – Brown – Red.

The Queen tote bag will become your everyday purse. Spacious and beautiful leather purse for women and girls. Uniquely designed and made with the best materials available. Try this elite leather tote and you will never go back.

This women’s leather bag with a crocodile pattern is the perfect accessory for any fashion-forward woman. The bag features top handles and a leather strap, giving you the option to carry it by hand or over the shoulder. The combination of top handles and a strap provides both style and practicality. The crocodile pattern on the bag is made with high-quality PU leather, which mimics the texture and pattern of real crocodile skin. This gives the bag an elegant and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads.

The bag’s interior is spacious, with enough room to store all of your daily essentials, including your wallet, phone, makeup, and keys. There is also a small zippered compartment inside the bag for storing smaller items. The bag’s construction is of high-quality, ensuring durability and longevity. The bag’s PU leather material is easy to clean and maintain, making it a great investment for any woman’s wardrobe.

Overall, this women’s leather bag with a crocodile pattern is both stylish and practical, offering versatility and sophistication. The combination of top handles, a leather strap, and a crocodile pattern make it a must-have accessory for any fashion-conscious woman.

Product specifications:

















  • Bag/Purse Type: Leather Tote – Leather Cross-body Bag – Leather Purses (optional)
  • Bag Shape – Pattern: Parallelogram Purse
  • Materials: HQ PU Leather
  • Handles/Straps: Detachable Leather Strap (PU)
  • Inside Compartments: 2x Pockets
  • Size – Dimensions: approx.~ 31 cm X 13 cm X 28 cm (Sometimes 1-2cm/1inch deviation in sizes may occur)
  • NET Weight: ~ 595g




Package Includes:

1x Queen Leather Tote Purse (Handbag)
1x Detachable Strap for the leather vintage bag.

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* Sometimes, purses and bags that are being shipped when they have just come out of production might produce a slight odor for the first couple of days which will eventually disappear.



Available Colors: Black | Brown | Dark Brown | Red | Green | Khaki